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Have you ever been sat on your sofa with your laptop on your lap and one part of your leg getting hot, not only that your computer is getting overheated because of it. So with that in mind, I took inspiration from one of my favorite woodworkers Steve Carmichael (, he made a laptop stand over a year ago.
So I took his basic idea and just added a twist literally, I added a top part that would turn around so you could use it from the side of your sofa and give you another angle from where you could use the lap table.

The table is sitting at 600mm high and can be extended by another 150mm, the width of the top is 600mm X 345mm.  Having the top swivel out means that it uses a cantilever effect. 

I have added some felt discs under the swiveling part to make it easier to move and to stop the top scratching the bottom part.


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